Flipkart.com is the online Megastore founded in 2007 in Bangalore, India. A virtual place where you can find almost everything you might expect from an online shopping day.




The apparel proposed is made by the most worldwide famous and important labels displayed in alphabetical order (hundreds of brands, push “the see all” to remain amazed), we can cite for example  Adidas, Biba, Calvin Klein, Divina, Esprit, Fruit of the Loom, Gas, Huur, Indian Terrain, Joker, Lee and many, many more! But how to navigate in this section to find quickly the desired item? Obviously the first division is made between clothes for men (more than 10.000 items) and clothes for women (more than 3.000 items). Again you can go deeper choosing between the styles: Casual & Party, Jeans, Formal Shirts, T-Shirts, Leggings, Ethnic, accessories and more. Once made the selection by these criteria and you enter in the category, is also possible to shop by brand, size, type, color & pattern, price and discount (finally a selection of cheap clothes online) . This category is very useful for who want to buy clothes online, and it’s looking for genuine products.


Buy shoes online it’s never been so complete, for him and for her, from the best fashionable labels to the sports and athletes must have. Some examples? Why not, just using the letter “C”, what if we say Converse, Clarks, Catwalk and Carlton London? Do you like it? Going to see all the selection, you will like it more, we are sure. Even here the styles are well-diversified: Casual or formal shoes, sandals & Flip-Flops, sneakers, running & sports (good cricket shoes also) and boots. An ethnic store and a special section for offers and discounts is available separately inside this category for an online shopping day for everyone.


Digital or analogical dial? Battery or automatic? Leather, rubber or fabric band? Search the watch of your wishes between hundreds of models of the mayors brands and refine it choosing other features like color price and shape. A touch of glamour with a dedicated store for the luxury watches, here the perfection of the mechanic meets the creativity of most important designers from all over the world. The section includes also useful and creative wallets and bags to complete your everyday equipment.


Another category that makes Flipkart.com worthy to reach the high levels of the Best Online Shopping Sites stores chart because it take care of your lifestyle going beyond the material accessories. Products for hygene, bath & shaving needs and beauty, skin care & make up. An interesting focus can be done  for the fragrances, both male and female, over 1.000 items that make you feel the scents of Italy, France and crossing the world reaching Asia you will understand what a fantastic universe the online shopping is.


“All in your hand”: a simple description of the amazing connectivity given by the new generation of smart phones and tablets. Now on Flipkart.com we can say that now you have all this devices really in your hand. Brands (Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry and more, but unfortunately the big absent is Apple), price range, technical descriptions  and accessories are completely under control allowing you to make always the best choice. You can shop also by screen dimension (unusual for the shopping online) The accessories are over 10.000, for any needs: car, additional memory, music (docks and headphones) and a lot of stylish or protective cases.


Megastore? Gigastore? We can say Terastore (the meaning? BIG!) This part is perfect to buy computer online, no matter if you look for laptops or “all in one desktop”. Very good prices also for the components, the home of processors, graphic cards, internal hard drivers proudly made by Intel, Seagate, EVGA and many more. We are very impressed by the selection available.


If you have an awesome trip in program, if you want to record your favorite sport or if you simply want to have beautiful pictures of your birthday party, this section of this online shopping sites was made for you. Need accessories? No problem, from monopods to binoculars & optics, have fun!


The shopping online experience is not only for you, also your place deserve to be completed with Flipkart products. Indian brands (Bajaj, Preethi) or International (Braun, Philips…) have created the best living solutions for your comfort, this online shopping sites guru contains all of them. Surely the most attractive feature of this section are the prices, a lot of discounts: bring your home to a new life saving money.


Thanks to the new technologies is really possible to recreate a cinema in a traditional living room. But how much you have to spend to do it? Don’t worry, this is a real journey inside the hundreds of solutions made for any kind of wallet. Here are available TVs, home theatre, radio & MP3 players, Hi-Fi systems and, only for who got a real talent, karaoke players.


If you can’t resist to the charm of the paper pages and to their scent… the book section contains titles also for Comics, School books, Business and professionals. Flipcart.com becomes a storyteller online shopping sites.


Is the secret of the shopping online: choose what you want, click, buy and read. An impressive library composed by classics, fictions & non fictions, romance, mystery & detective, crime & fantasy (over 60.000 titles!). Click on the cover (pay attention to the language) and read a sample. Read the users reviews to make an idea of your purchase. Note, you can only read them using Flyte eBooks Android App. (What is e-book ?)


We propose to you a simple question: what is the result of Bombay + Hollywood ? Maybe you know the answer.. At your disposal all the Indian new releases also in pre-order mode available in Blu-ray and DVD, with all the English and Hindi movies. The history of the Hindi and English music to the newest albums and hits. Watch movies and listening to music is not anymore? You want your favorite movie or rockstar permanently attached to the living room wall? Flipkart.com offers you posters, posters posters!


Shopping online now is music too. MP3s of all kinds, a very large selection of languages: Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Sanskrit and more. For each album are shown the single tracks and for each of them is possible to hear a sample. This is an online shopping experience that is comparable to the most famous download platforms. Also here the users reviews are important and an information share tool very appreciable for the Best Online Shopping Sites staff. Remember: you have to download the Flyte app also available through Apple Store, Windows Store and Google Play.


What is your school? Playstation(2,3,4,)? Xbox 360?, Wii and Wii U? Or you prefer to play everywhere using PSP, PSVita and Nintendo DS? New releases an classics to have fun with the digital world.


Nothing is more important than you babies. In one store everything about them starting from the new born to boys and girls with toys.


Sportswear for indoor and outdoor activities. Cricket, Badminton, basketball, football and more.


Free shipping worldwide SHIPPING – Free delivery on orders valued starting to 500 Rs, in other cases 50 Rs is charged for delivery. See the section at the bottom of the homepage for more info.

All Payment are Accept PAYMENTS  - You can pay using Internet Banking, Cash on Delivery, eGV (E-Gift Voucher), Wallet (for the Flyte service). See the section at the bottom of the homepage for more info.

Free shipping worldwide RETURNS  - Read the FAQ’s on the Return section on the bottom of the homepage.

Free shipping worldwide OFFERS & DISCOUNT - Every product has the discount shown, the old price and the new one are well highlighted.

The single product is described using the picture of the model that wears it, taken from different angles and a general description with the fabric details. Leave a review of the product once received to share information with the other users. This megastore satisfies all the requirements of the Best Online Shopping Sites chart, an entire route in this online shopping sites may take few hours, but thanks to an accurate system of filters the search is very easy and this is an essential feature when you treat thousands and thousands of product that belongs to so many different merchandise categories.


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